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To make a web page work, it is necessary to physically locate it (host) as well as link to the corresponding domain name.

Domain name is the name which is typed in adress bar internet browser (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox), and brings to the desired page.
The domain name can be registered in authorized institutions, unless it is allready in use or does conflicts with the domain name registration rules. This procedure is provided by us, also the customer can make it by himself.
It should be noted that the domain name is something like a "subscribtion" - usually one annual payment must be made.

Each web page is a system that combines many files, they are designed and combined in such a way that user sees and can browse a functioning web page.
These files are physically located on a publicly accessible media (usually a server). Also in this case requires a subscription - to the necessary server space, what is also provided by A KOMS Ltd.
In addition it is necessary to run dite-linked e-mails.

The approximate cost of the domain name for 1 year subscription is € 11 + VAT per a year. Site location (hosting) cost depends on the particular page file size, as well as amount of e-mails and ampound of the transmitted data.