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IT maintenance

A KOMS Ltd. has specialized in medium and small enterprises hardware maintenance. Eight years of experience of this service valuable because it is important to take a regular customer of IT systems monitoring and diagnosis for potential problems would be solved even before they have had to work for your inconvenience. The company has specialized in servicing computer hardware for small and medium enterprises . Eight years of experience points on the necessity for our clients. It is important to take a regular customer of IT systems monitoring and diagnosis , so that potential problems can be solved even before they have disturbed daily business proceses. To find the most appropriate solution, best way is to meet with a customer, as well as first time hardware inspection. It also includes a questioning of the customer about functions that are carried out on existing hardware, as well as the customer's overall assessment of its use and the improvement needs. Once the hardware first time inspection is made, the report about overall hardware condition with recommendations is presented to customer. Also daily operation bottlenecks are discovered and solutions variants prepared. Customer can choose preferred service amount, based on the recommendations and costs of different solution variants. Finally the service agreement can be signed. Service agreement, depending on its content, ensures regular maintenance, data security, replacement of defective hardware at the customer premises, support over the phone and other advantages.

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